HT Panel

Product Detail

HT panels are compact outdoor type systems, which are broadly used in substations. Our product range is prepared from Circuit Breakers or switch fuse on HT side, which protects the equipment from sudden voltage fluctuations.

"Master Make is a leading Panel Supplier in India .Our range offer state of art switchgear for 11 & 33kV with cutting edge technologies in VCB & SF6 upto 1500MVA fault levels."

HVX is the latest range of vacuum circuit breakers. It offers proven state-of-the-art design to meet to specification for power switching devices in air-insulated switchgear upto 36 kV. HVX brings a valuable solution to your project.

"We have brought together the combined experience of our partner Schneider Electric to bring you the latest technology with time - tested and proven reliable design."

This latest addition to our range of vacuum interrupters reinforces our technological position as vacuum switching market leader. Thanks to the improved contact design, our interrupters provide unrivalled performance for their reduced size. Operating mechanisms have been simplified to increase reliability and give extended life with very low maintenance. Instead of the traditional spring operating mechanism, HVX decreed a singIe-shaft system and only one torsion spring, reducing the number of parts an increasing the reliability. The HVX panel meets the latest requirements of IS and ANSI standards


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